Who are we?

Thanks for having a sniff around! Rainy Day Pets is on a mission to spoil you and your dog with thoughtful toys and gifts.

From Cuddlepillars to snuffle mats for your furry friend and bed spreads to pins for you,
we want you and your hound to find joy every time you use our products!

Meet our founder, Cecilia and our Chief Product Tester, Archie! Cecilia adopted Archie (Archibald when he's being cheeky) in 2018 and it's been nothing but love ever since.

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Our Legacy

Rainy Day Pet Supply is named after Cecilia's childhood pet and heart dog Rein.

She was a beautiful rottweiler who sadly succumbed to osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in 2020 at just nine years old.

She was the most gentle and loyal creature, who's love will never be forgotten. Her legacy lives on forever through Rainy Day Pets.

It is our hope that every order your hound receives from us lights up the room in the same way our precious Rein would

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