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Our impact: The Rainy Day Fund ♡

Here at Rainy Day Pets we are obsessed with all dogs, but we have a real soft spot for greyhounds! We love them so much as they are sweet and sensitive souls who want nothing more than to snuggle up on the couch with their human (and maybe a Cuddlepillar).

It breaks our hearts that so many greyhounds will never get to experience being a pet in a loving home because they are subjected to cruelty.

Our Dream

Rainy Day Pets dreams of a day where greyhounds are no longer cruelly exploited for human benefit. We have been fostering greyhounds for years and there is always plenty of work to do in the way of getting houndies ready for pet life.

The process is incredibly rewarding when you see your foster bloom into their personality, but it is also painful when you know deep down this is the life they should have had from the beginning. 

Our Impact & More Info

Our Impact

We will do everything we can to help charities around the world do what they do best - save the dogs ❤ Rainy Day Pets pledges to donate a portion of all profits from our store to rescue groups as a small thank you for everything they do for our furry friends and their humans. 

Through your support of our small business, you've helped us make a difference.

Here's a breakdown of our charitable giving since opening in August 2021:

$250 donation to Greyt Greys Rescue 

Cuddlepillar donation to I Want A Greyhound's Project 21 Raffle 

$250 donation to Greyhound Adoptions WA 

$200 donation to Gumtree Greys 

$200 donation to Galgos del Sol

$100 USD to Greyhound Pets of America - Arizona

$300 donation to Amazing Greys

Cuddlebee donation to an Amazing Greys raffle

Toy bundle donation to Jells Park Greyhound Walk Raffle 

$225 donation to I Want a Greyound

Cuddlepillar donation to Elysian Fields Sanctuary

$400 donation to Lucy's Project

Cuddlepillar and toy bundle donation to Jells Park Greyhound Walk

€150 to 112 Carlota Galgos

Cuddlepillar donation to Free the Hounds Trivia Night

Cuddlepillar donation to Greyt Greys Online Auction 

$400 donation to Life of Pikelet Rescue Ranch 

$1,265 community fundraiser for Greyt Greys Rescue

$500 donation to Greyt Greys Rescue

$385.61 community fundraiser for Greyhound Rescue

$500 donation to Greyhound Rescue

$25 donation to The Little Grey Film premiere

$100 donation to Sophie's Legacy

Cuddlepillar donation to Jells Park Christmas Raffle

$165 USD donation to The Flying Dog Foundation

$450 donation to Greyt Greys

Please contact us if you would like to partner with us for a giveaway, donation or collaboration.

We'd love to chat!